cafe culture

21 Dec

looooving the cafe culture.

chillin on the sidewalk with a beer or a coffee.  watching people go by or just reading a book.

it’s a sweet style and it seems like most Argentinians are all about it.

siesta lasts for about 3 hours and the cafes are filled with workers and students just hanging out and doing their thing.

it’s seems like the nightlife culture is all about cafes too.  we’ve seen A LOT of people start their nights in cafes and restaurants with a bottle of red.

things don’t really get popping off until about 11 pm for dinner, and 2 am for bars and clubs.  especially in Palermo (which is faster and more fashionable than the rest of the city)

bueones-aires-at our favorite restaurante with naranja (or lily)

this particular spot is in out top 3 for sure and it’s in palermo, just one block from our hostel, where there is one restaurant on top of another.

we had a lomo (tenderloin) with an almond? glaze or puree with sun dried tomatoes and mashed potatoes filled with olives…(SO GOOD), as well as a basil chicken with carrots, mozerrela, and tomatoes, (which sounds plain but is SO GOOD, lol)

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  1. Marina December 21, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    You’re starting to look like Danny

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