first impressions

21 Dec

we arrived in BA and have that nervous, first time traveling look on our faces.  walking past the flood of taxi drivers trying to get your attention, we arranged a ride from a taxi booth.

we fly down the highway (literally) and get to the hostel relatively quickly.  apparently there are no traffic laws in argentina and our cabbie never bothered to signal, check a blind spot, or consider the safety of his gringo passengers at anytime.

pretty efficient though – everyone just goes as fast as they can and try to fit into as many small openings as possible (doesn’t really matter how many lanes there are)

we turn off the highway onto ave 9 de Julio and our cabbie tells us its the widest avenue in the world.  he shows a lot of pride in bueones aires and tells us there are x million people in the city (can’t remember the number now).

the street, or boulevard I should say, is truly impressive, but definitely heavy with the traffic.


a huge monument towers in the middle of the street and makes for a nexus of major avenues.

our hostel is just one block from the obelisco on a seriously commercial street. it’s a bit cloudy upon our arrival and my first impression was what seemed to be a foggy and polluted city.  indeed, you can definitly feel the car fumes when walking along some of the larger streets.

but by the next day, it seemed like the city had transformed, and I can say my spirits were definitely lifted.

even the busy commercial streets are built on cute, european style buildings and the immense amount of trees helps conceal the hussle and bustle of a city at work.  there are tree lined streets everywhere and it’s a real pleasure to walk around and people watch in cafes.


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