la boca la boca

21 Dec

bueones-aires- la boca

The guys over at the hostel obelisco originally scared us from heading to la boca (the colorful part of town famous for tango and its Italian immigrant roots).

I mentioned that I wanted to buy tickets to the soccer match and the staff made a convincing case that we were SURE to be mugged or worse if we ventured near the soccer stadium on our own.   More on the practices of tricky hostel owners and their agendas later, but the good news is that I did not listen to their warnings and the truth could not be further from what they said.

It’s a beautiful area with 3 blocks of intense tourism.  Tango shows, outdoor cafes, and a permanent artisan market felt a bit showy but definitely a lot of fun.

Danny actually headed to the warnings of a dangerous Boca so I made the trip with 3 ladies we met at dinner the night before.  Interesting change of pace to travel with women instead of Danny.  Let’s just say they stopped at every artisan stand and examined every scarf and shirt La Boca had to offer.  And one of them (probably an artist) stopped to photograph the strangest graffiti wherever we went!

We made it to the soccer stadium (in one piece) and I learned it was one of the most intimidating stadiums for visiting fans.  The stadium is ultra steep (I didn’t see it myself from the inside) so that the newcomer feels disoriented.  That and the visitng fan area is surrounded by La Boca fans which means they get beer and piss (literally) thrown at them all game long.

Anyway, the kiosk was closed that day but I’ve made a mental note to go back and try to get tickets for an upcoming playoff game.

bueones-aires-la boca bar across the street from the stadium

bueones-aires-la boca market

bueones-aires-la boca

bueones-aires-la boca


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