La Segal and Museum and Bahriem

21 Dec

Imagine the laugh we got when we we’re lost and tipsy at 2 in the morning and we ask a group of ladies where the nearest Museum is.

Turns out Museum is a popular club in San Telmo (sorta the grungy east village/artsy williamsburg area of Buenos Aires) and is really popular on Wednesdays with the after office crowd.

It was our second night in town and we were well on the gringo trail, the group of travelers who cling closely to the same guidebook that everyone else has. We ate at a steak house the book recommended, and although it was clearly touristy, it was really good – and incredibly cheap.

6 dollars a steak!

We left on somewhat bad terms with the waiter though.  We annoyed him at the get-go when he couldn’t understand why were ordering a boat; we were trying to order vodka but apparently the two sound similar in Spanish.  Then it was our turn to be impatient as we the slow and inattentive service was starting to get to us.  We stormed out of the restaurant, barely having left a trip.  In retrospect, that’s just the Argentinian way and was nothing to get worked up about.

Afterward, en route to Museum, we stopped off at a local bar, where with absolutely no spanish on our part, and even less english on our bartenders part, we managed to get a lively dialogue and mutual admiration.

btw, i now know that hielo means ice and esta fria means cold.


bueones-aires-at a bar

Museum was three floors, loud, packed, and fun.  Our first attempt at Argentinian women proved unsuccessful.  We were recipients to the Seinfield “no soup for you” finger shake by more than a few of them.  We did notice that Brazilians in the club were much more friendly.  Could just be because they were on vacation though.

La segal the night before was a great time as well.; an expat toursity spot for sure but a great vibe and lots of fun people.  We got introduced to the BA tipping method (bartenders in Buenos Aires apparently don’t work for tips so tipping per drink is not necessary) and we pre-gamed before heading to Bahriem sp?.  Bahriem was an experience to say the least, with a breed of obnoxious techno and strobe lights known only to the most serious raver in the 90s.  it was fun though to see everyone’s expressions change with each strobe light, but it’s probably not a scene for me on this trip.

and i almost forgot – dinner on Wednesday was in a french restaurant with the coolest, most eccentric french man who’s actually not french at all, but from uraguay.  feeling lethargic from a long flight and walking around all day, his mad energy and personality was the perfect wake up call before a long night out.  go there, it’s good.

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