studying spanish in the park and polo match

21 Dec

went to a polo match yesterday. didn’t know people still played that game.  it was supposed to the championship between the world’s top two teams.

in proper fashion, i went with a british girl and we scalped some tickets outside.  we didn’t trust the scalper though and took turns being held hostage while the other tested out the ticket.

the plan worked but it left us in the stadium 2 hours before the match and the security guards don’t allow for re-entry.

it was a pretty cool experience – the horses gallop at massive speeds and the players seem pretty agressive for such a “high society” sport.  the teams were so evenly matched though that the action seemed to be in check, and the field so large, it was much to hard to keep up with all of the action.

overall, the sport of kings seemed more like a sport for boredom though, and I was happy to leave when the match was over.  Did catch some nice rays though so wasn’t a bad day at all.



next day, we took some books and tried our hands at spanish in the park…

bueones-aires-palermo park

bueones-aires-palermo park

going for a swim

going for a swim

on a side note, it seems like dogs just walk themselves here.  i mean, even the stray dogs know to use the crosswalk and wait for cars to go by and before they cross and they even avoid going into stores and cafes.

the dog whisperer must have passed through here at some point for sure…


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