the palermo house

21 Dec

bueones-aires-palermo house

it’s a thin line between love and hate

so far, this is our favorite hostel – so much fun.

great chill staff, lots of interesting travelers always passing through, one tasty taco night, and a premier location right in Palermo Soho.

course when you have guys that are just like you, laid back and looking to have a good time running a hostel – somethings are going to be left undone; like toilet paper, clean bathrooms, or any type of ventilation.

still, even though we felt like scumbags for a week, too weary of the sketchy looking showers, it was a week well spent with servicas on the terrace on a nightly basis.

bueones-aires-danny on the terrace

and a lovely hammock to boot…

bueones-aires-palermo house

def recommend this spot to anyone visiting BA.

me and danny will keep coming back here to pregame and meet other travellers while we rent an apartment a few blocks away.

2 Responses to “the palermo house”

  1. Dustn December 21, 2008 at 9:32 pm #

    hey, i am figuring out when school might start for me, didnt want to leave you hanging but after checking the photos already im wanting to come more now, looks like a good escape.

    • theramblingsofawanderingmind December 30, 2008 at 11:47 am #

      haha no worries man.

      def think about it. so far its the trip of a lifetime

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