Death Cab

30 Dec

We’ve been looking everywhere to rent scooters and we finally came across a pamphlet that seemed to have just what we were looking for.  So we checked out our maps and decided we can walk to the rentals.

Turns out streets in Mendoza have a habit of starting and stopping whenever they please so after almost 40 minutes of walking, we decided to hail a taxi.  We hop in and discover the scooter rental was actually in another city – about a 20 minute drive.

Danny was a bit hesitant, but I was determined to get a motorcycle down here.  The doors closed and we laid eyes on the shittiest cab ever.


You’re always warned about jumping into random cabs for fear they’ll take you to their friends and sell your organs for a few pesos.

So needless to say, we were terrified when the cab steered onto a highway and rolled past signs that directed traffic to Maipu (the name of the city on the brochure).

Danny looked at me with that “it’s all your fault look,” and we were both planning our escape routes from the back of the cab in case it got any sketchier.

The good news is, after about 20 minutes of panic attacks, we pulled up to the scooter rental place – that also happened to be closed.

So being in the middle of nowhere, we got back in the cab (I think we warmed up to him at this point) and headed back to Mendoza to grab lunch and rent bikes.

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