No Reservations: Paul and Danny

9 Jan

Man, what a week.

It’s been a bit of a blurr but I know this much: it’s been good food and good drink.

Maybe it’s because we got tired of doing dishes, or because I ate all of Danny’s food.  But we decided we were going to experience the best of culinary BA and try all of the best restaurants.

We started in trendy Las Canitas, a seemingly newer area that only stretches a few blocks or so.  It was a Thursday night and unexpectangly slow, problably a symptom of post New Years madness.

Ordering on the recommendation of a cattle rancher we met a few weeks earlier, we asked for the ambigious mix grill for two.

What did we get?

An interesting mix of blood sausage, fried intestines, uknown cuts of steak, and a safe few pieces of pollo.


Danny took a liking to the blood sausage immidetley, and has been eating some everywhere we go since.


I thought it was pretty good.  Perro the texture was really hard to wrap your head around and the name didn’t help at all.

Next day or so we went back to one of Argentina’s best steak houses (and tourist hot spots).  The meal was great, but the novely from the surpise of an abolsutly huge steak and all of the interesting sides that come with the dish wasn’t there for our second visit.  We did feel like pros recommending dishes and chatting up our neighboring tables however.


Went back to La Segale and toured the downtown bar circuit onTuesday.

new-years-2009-054Noticed that happy hour is definitley not as big a cultural force as we’re used to in New York.  Had a great night and learned a bit about the class structure down here.

More on that later though, this blog entry is for fun things : )


Also went to Campo Bravo’s sister restaurant in Palermo.  We had big plans before we sat down for dinner this time.  The plan was to eat a bit and hit the town hard.

A bottle of wine later and the biggest piece of rib eye I’ve ever seen later, we were on a straight ride home and passed right out.


As a side note, Danny kept up the tradition of blood sausage.  Apparently he also asked for a very juicy steak (which I did not hear) because there’s a good chance my piece of rib eye still had a pulse.


Referring to the picture above, we actually had two steaks that day.  One at a french restaurant for lunch, and the second above at Campo Bravo.

My biceps are getting huge from all of the steak, but needless to say my gut is following suit.

We also checked out Juana M based on a recommendation from a Californian whose studied here for 5 months.  Also a great restaurant; it’s based in an old art gallery and serves up some amazing stake.

One of favorite meals had to be at a french restuarant we read about in the times.  REALLY, really good and I hope we can find a day to go back there.  Despite the huge portions, we never felt too full and had an awesome day afterwards.


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