Yellow Fever

19 Jan

The day before the day before yesterday, before I missed the boat for Colonia two days in a row, I went to get a yellow fever shot in a clinic downtown BA.

What seemed like a good idea back home, saving my pcokets from spending one hundred plus dollars on a shot, seemed like a terrible idea down here.

I’ve got no experience with clinics or hopsitals here, save for the knowledge that despite all appearances, I’m still in a developing country.  So the idea of free shots from syringes with unknown pasts really daunted me.  But leaving for Brazil and onwards without the vaccine seemed worse, so I bite the bullet and went looking for the clinic.

Thornthree would point be in the right direction:

Waiting online, I spotted a lady dressed in yellow to ask her how to say yellow in spanish, amarillo.  Next, I was hurdled into a hallway with about two dozen other portenos seeking the vaccine.  I spotted several other such groups around the clinic, the strategy probably being to divide and conquer the long line of locals waiting for the shot.  We had our passports collected, and a short man stepped out to give us all instructions.  I couldn’t understand a thing but hearing eggs, chicken, and aspirin alarmed me.  So I befriended a guy standing next to me, he was headed to Venezuela on holiday, and found a small printout that translated everything we just heard.

After that, it all happened pretty quickly.  They called out the names from the passports and I expected the foreign passport, especially an American one, to be slipped to the rear.

But it wasn’t and I recieved the shot, along with a quick numbing sensation on the right arm.  Couldn’t see where the needles had come from, or where to would go on to next, but I was comforted by the dozens of other patients there, all who seemed to be well-off, or atleast well-off enought to travel.


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