21 Jan

I arrived in El Chocon thirsty for adventure, and to relive a few old interests with dinosaurs.  Borrowing from the sentiments of another blogger, he wrote that he was incrdibly interested in dinosaurs early on, until the presence of “live” girls outweighed the bones of “dead” reptiles.

I recently saw a documentary, or was it an animatd movie, about dinosaurs in Patagonia, and I was pretty excited to check out the region where they just discovered the world’s largest dinosaurs.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I imagined a sort of Jurassic Park, where I’d be able to hire a tour guide and visit the dozens (or so I imagined) excavation sites around the area.  In theory, if I had a car, that might actually have been possible.  It turns out, Chocon is not necessarily the center of all that is dinosaur and two other cities boasted simillar attractions, including one with a university that I read did indeed take visitors to the lab and to live digs. The guidebooks made no mention of them though and I had already booked my bus ticket out of town, so I didn’t have time to visit them as well.

The museum in El Chocon was pretty cool though, and I appreciated the bilingual descriptions.



Afterward, I was determined to see the dinosaur prints I’d read about and to the dismay of an english speaking woman in the museum, I informed her that since I couldn’t find a car, I’d just walk to the site.

She wasn’t happy with the idea, citing 10km each way, and a desert to boot, so she helped me locate a tour operator with whom I biked to the site, and with whom I also negotiated a smaller fee.  I’m getting good at this!

The ride was incredible.  and really far.








It was true mountain biking, and we ended it with a dip in the lake.  After, I ended the day with a book and a pitcher of beer in a pub on the beach.

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