24 Jan

I’ve heard Bariloche was really touristy, and despite being a tourist myself, I decided to avoid the popular city and visit a few surrounding towns instead.  But I had a bus transfer en route to El Bolson so I decided to spend the afternoon in Bariloche before I headed on.

With backpack in hand, I grabbed a local bus into town and came across an incredibly beautiful lake.  It was surrounded by mountains on all sides, a snow peaked mountain range that felt like it was really close.



Our friend from Mendozza, the internet business guy from Atlanta once said that the best part about Bariloche was leaving it.  I could see what he meant.

The town itself was pretty average, save the city center, which was really pleasant. The best part was its surroundings, and most people that opt to spend a few days in Bariloche end up leaving it for the mountains and the lake for various adventure excursions.   Otherwise, it reminded me of any other beach town, with a main drag of restaurants and shops.  I couldn’t understand though why the main street wasn’t the one overlooking the lake, but instead several streets up

I grabbed some lunch and decided to walk back to the terminal, which was 3km away.  I’d been sitting on buses for a while now and decided I needed some exercise, not to mention some practice carrying a heavy backpack for Lanin.

city center, bariloche

city center, bariloche

of all the buildings i could have walked into, it had to be a court house...even when I'm not in trouble...

of all the buildings i could have walked into, it had to be a court house...even when I'm not in trouble...



In the end, I was proud how it all worked out. I was really happy to catch a glimpse of the city and the mountains, but also happy with my decision not to spend too many days there.


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