El Bolson

24 Jan

After Bariloche, I got into town around 6 in the evening and immediatly darted to the tourist office.  I found out there was a short hike close by that I could do before sunset.  So before checking in, I grabbed my backpack and made way to Cerra Amigo, only 2km away.




That night, I tried some artisan beer, a dark variety, and got really drunk.  Not sure what these hippies put in their beer, but two forties later and I was stumbling home, with a leaning tower of ice cream to boot.

Next day, I jogged the climb to cerra amigo in the morning, and afterward, prepared for a day long hike in the surrounding area.  After getting some info at the mountain office, I realized I might be trekking at night and hurried back to the hostel to grab my flashlight.

I ran into Magadealnia? or Maggie, who took my pictures the day before on cerra amigo, and I asked her if she wanted to come.  She agreed, but only as long as we did a shorter route, and came back before nightful.  I relented.

We did an 8 hour hike, about 3 hours each way.  Somewhere along the way, we stopped to swim in the clearest water I’ve ever seen.  Clean enough to drink, it was completley pellucid, and you can see every rock the river has to offer.






Trying to make tired faces at the end of the hike in this picture. I’m not doing a good job of it…


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