El Bolson part two

26 Jan

Saturday was an awesome day.  We woke up to some rain so I spent the first half of the day hanging around the hostel, cooking up some food and updating my blog.  After a few hours in front of the laptop with what felt dangerously like work, I packed it up and we headed to town, where every Saturday the central plaza turns into an artisan market.

We thought we saw sun but after a few minutes in the market, the rain started up again and we grabbed refuge at a beer stand.  The rain stared to come down harder, and Frank, a sailboat engineer who has sailed around the world, and who works with weather for a living, said that according to the sky, the rain would continue to come down hard for sometime.

So with little choice there after, about 8 hours later, we were still at the beer stand where the locals liked us enough to start pouring us free beers when the market started closing shop.  It was locally brewed and really good.

More beers in an Irish pub.  Then more beers and a change of clothes back in the hostel.  We then headed to a restaurant famous for its trout, but the small eatery was full, and we decided to wait for our table in a nearby bar.  More beers.  Afterward, we found out the restaurant gave away our table and couldn’t take any more people for the rest of the night.  So we went to a pizzeria.  More beers.  pizza too.

Feeling full and sluggish, we fought through our moment of weakness and headed to a bar/club.  It was a great time, and a good mix of locals and travelers.   I got into a heated debate about politics with two Spaniards by the bar.  Fueled by some preconceived biases against Spain, mostly from Kaitlyn as well a recent Europe Cup match, it was destined to be a disagreeable conversation.   Next thing I know, the three of us were too exhausted to keep arguing and a glance at my watch informed me it was 4 30 in the morning.  We parted ways amiably and I think everyone left the conversation thinking they had won.

Meanwhile, me and a J ( a Dutch guy I met at the hostel who was perpetually amused that my high school was named after Peter Stuyvesant) continued to party.

It was getting light outside when I finally passed out, and an overall great day despite the rain.


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