Leaving El Bolson

26 Jan

I packed everything up in the morning to leave for San Martin, getting pretty good at the never-ending game of tetris between my backpack and me.  Fixed a small breakfast after, (I had been cooking and eating on a budget since traveling alone) and said my goodbyes to Frank and Jake.

Afterward, I picked up a bus ticket out of town and spent a few hours wandering around the market before it was time to go.  I also grabbed some icecream, which I heard was famously good here.  True to its word, and an example of the organically grown foods in the area, it was fantastic.

I also grabbed a tatoo.

Not a real one, but baby steps…


There was supposed to be an angry looking sort of thing in the sun, but a combination of a poor henna artist and a long bus trip immediately after blurred the face.  Speaking of henna artists though, mine was a really attractive girl, who if wasn’t such a hippe, could have been even more s0 – though she didn’t know what the internet was, or email or computers, so I don’t think it was meant to be…

I was sad to leave town though.  I had a lot of fun here and wished I had more time to explore.  The pressure of Carnival and its deadline for leaving Argentina is starting to kick-in, and there’s still a lot to do here.  But as a bunkmate in the hostel worded it, there is just that much more reason to come back.

El Bolson was a city in the mountains brimming with likeminded backpackers.  So although the hippies of the 70’s that made the city famous are harder to spot, probably off in their homes in the surrounding area, their legacy is still here.  And it’s propelled by the hundrerds of visitors who chose El Bolson instead of Bariloche.  I’m glad I stopped here as well, and definitly hope to pay this city a visit again soon.





2 Responses to “Leaving El Bolson”

  1. alex January 30, 2009 at 12:50 am #

    10 bucks says you’re flexing in the tattoo picture 😛

    either that or you’re eating like 20 lbs of protein a day

  2. alex January 30, 2009 at 12:51 am #

    ahh hell no playa… you’re moderating the comments?

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