Seven Lakes

27 Jan

Marina recently told me that alls I was doing was going on hikes and bike trips.  So today I went on a bike trip that was further than I’ve ever done before.

There’s a road here that weaves in and around seven gorgeous lakes.  And the 7 lakes tour is supposed to be really good.  The town offered plenty of tours, but they were all via bus.  I offered to rent a car, but Danny was worried we didn’t know how to drive manual, which could be a problem on a road passing through cliffs and mountains.

Left with no choice, I decide to rent a bike.  Several people told me the lakes were too far and that I shouldn’t do it.  So naturally that only affirmed the trip.  I was never very good at hearing no.

I decided to bike to the second or third lake. The first 20 kms were all uphill.  The sceneray was absolutly amazing and it was by far the best road bike trip I’ve ever taken.  Only thing was that they didn’t have any road bikes, and I went riding with a mountain bike whose tire was just as thick as the motorcycles who passed me, which made the ascent that much more difficult.


The climb was severe.  It was made even more difficult due to a wrong turn I made.  I biked uphill for over an hour before I sensed something was wrong. It was at the start of the trip, but at least I got a good view of the city.


Back on the main road, I passed by another biker, someone else seemingly crazy enough, who was so tired he resorted to walking up the mountain.  We exchanged a few looks of comradrety and I kept on going.  But about 30 minutes later, just as I was going around a bend, the bike I had passed reapeared on the side of the rode.  Instead of biking up the wavy path, he had decided to hike straigh across instead.  Not a bad idea…

I kept on going and had a few moments when I thought for sure I would give up.  Eventually I connected with two bikers who were making the trip with all of their luggage in toe.  Tents, clothes, and all of their camping gear.  They’ve been riding for a week, though never more than 14km in one day, making a trip through Chile and Argentina.

We more or less stayed together, making the last grueling strech in a painful single file.  I realized I wasn’t going to be able to make the third lake, and that after almost 4 hours, it was time to turn back.



I started on the trip back alone and realized quickly it was going to be painful.  I had biked around 35km uphill and my legs were giving way.  I biked for as long as I could and eventually had to walk up the steeper hills.  My goal was the 20 km marker, where I knew the rest of the trip would be a straight shot down hill.

Meanwhile, my return home was made more difficult by the fact I was too tired too gain any momentum on the downhills, so that when it came time to trek uphill, I was forced to use the lowest gear.

Feeling the full threat of the sun, I spotted a bush along side the road and laid down for a nap.  I was too tired to notice I had laid across those spiky ball things that stick to your clothes.  I tried to pass out, but I was a magnet for insects.  Feeling discouraged, I actually tried to hitch hike.  No one was stoped though.  Maybe it was the beird.

The last 20km downhill were fun.  But I was tired and more than relieved when I finally turned in my rental.

Just shy of 70km in total.

I’m celebrating with a bottle of wine while I write this.  We’re off early tomorrow morning to Puerto Madryn.


2 Responses to “Seven Lakes”

  1. Marina January 28, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

    So are you biking to Puerto Madryn too? 😛
    oh and PS you look really tired in that last pic..did you just get back?

    • theramblingsofawanderingmind January 29, 2009 at 5:33 pm #


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