29 Jan

It’s another Monday, another week, and as of today, I’ve been on the road for two months.

I haven’t updated the blog much; at first because of a brief fight with food poisoning, and then because we went to a town so small, nestled so high in the mountains, that they didn’t have internet.

Since San Martin, it’s been an amazing few weeks and Patagonia really is a beautiful land.

Puerto Madryn, our first stop after the lakes, was a cool ocean-side town. It reminded me completely of Ocean City, only difference was here you can drink on the beach in any of the dozens of restaurants and bars that were right on the sand.

The best part was a trip to the penguin colony nearby. Unlike a zoo, the colony is all natural and penguins stumble around everywhere.  Some are looking for the opposite sex, others are trying to steal nests from older more defenseless penguins.

We witnessed such a fight and one poor penguin walked away bloody and wounded from the situation.

There were also a bunch of new little guys, who actually didn’t look like penguins yet because they were grey and furry and wouldn’t grow into their penguin tuxedo for another few months. They were fed straight from their parents mouth, who brought back fish from the ocean.

The penguins swam a lot faster than they walked.  But watching them enter the ocean was really funny.  They were really small compared to the massive waves and had to dive under each one to avoid being swept away.  It didn’t always work and the picture below shows a penguin who changed his mind at the last minute, and paid the price for its indecision when the wave sent it flying.






One Response to “Patagonia”

  1. Marina February 9, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    paul you’re so hairy!! were the penguins scared that you’re a predator?

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