Puerto Madryn

29 Jan

Date of Events: 2.10.2009

Back tracking a bit, the next few entries will fill in the gap between San Martin de los Andes and Torres del Paine.

Puerto Madryn was never supposed to be more than a stopover en route to southern Patagonia.  It was also a chance to go scuba diving and see some penguins.  We ended up staying longer after I contracted a virus and my memories of Puerto Madryn consist mostly of my bed, which was actually really nice.  The down comforters were awesome!  I’m not sure what brought about the violent reaction from my stomach.  It could have been from the penguin colony.  I suppose I touched the same rocks the penguins walked on and never washed my hands before eating.  But the penguins were too cute to blame and I’d rather cast doubt on the ham and cheese sandwich I bought from the jaded café outside of the colony.




This small Welsh town was listed in the guidebook as an excellent place to drink tea and get stuffed on pastries.  Luckily it was part of our Penguin tour and after stalling on the highway due to an overheating engine, we finally made it to Wales.  I was too busy wrapping up my biography of Che in the backseat and I truthfully didn’t care how many times we were going to stall as long as I could keep reading. 

Gaiman is an immigrant community that’s dated back a long time but it’s seemed to have lost most of its charm.  We were picturing something quaint and European but what we found was far more bucolic than we wanted.  We felt a bit deceived as there was truly nothing to do there.  I do respect the community board for finding a way to sustain its little economy by getting on the tourism map. 


Five grown men drinking tea…


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