First and Last Impressions

17 Feb

Brazilian stewardesses, nice.  Brazilian airplane food, equally as nice.  And they’re generous on the beer.

Thankfully Brazil is an hour behind Argentina and we made the flight without a problem.  Though we cut it close by grabbing dinner at our favorite hole in the wall diner at the bus terminal first.

I really enjoyed the small town.  Touristy sure, but I could have spent a few more days hanging out there for sure.

Two flights later and we are in Salvador for Carnaval!  Though it didn’t look festive at 3 in the morning.  And rain has a habit of making things look sketchy. Plus the taxi had absolutly no idea where the hostel was, or worse, where the street was.

We arrived to the hostel considerably wearier than when we started and were led to the smelliest room of all time.  With zero ventilation, it was also the hottest.  And also the barest, because it didn’t have any linens.  Instead they hand you a few sheets and make you do it yourself when you arrive.

The smell however never did leave, even when we woke up the next day, which was a testament to how awful it really was.

We ended up ditching the hostel a few short days later.


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