The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo

22 Feb

I woke up this morning after a dream, or maybe it was a nightmare, about getting a tatoo on my back to scare my parents.  Only the tatoo artist made it a lot larger than I wanted and by the end, an image of a thorny vine, tree trunk thing would cover my whole back.  Maybe all that drinking is starting to have side effects…

Anyway, it reminded me of a book I just finished so I thought I would scribble down my thoughts.

It was dangersouly close to being awful, teetering closely to a whole slew of cliches, from torture chambers to religious sects to the 21st century internet/hacker heroine.  But it managed to do it incredibly well and the book was a real page turner.  It’s really timely too with a critical view of banking and should be made into a movie immeditaly.


Haha, I just read a professional review of the book from the Times which was a lot more critical, but really true as well. The ending was less than plausible and the protagonist was likeable, but tailor made for a screenplay, not a novel in that he seems a bit cookie cutter and too good to be true.


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