The Biggest Hangover of The Year

25 Feb

Our hostel was right on the beach, and right on the avenue overlooking Carnaval.

As soon as you leave your room and head downstairs, you find yourself on a porch right in the middle of the biggest party of the year.

And you can feel the energy immediatley.

I’m not a big dancer in the states.  I prefer the bar.  And when I do, it’s usually just to dance with girls.

But the energy just sweeps you away here from the first second on and the entire city of Salvador sways to the beat.  Men, women, children, even grandmas started shaking their bodies to the local beats that fell somehwere between Turkish pop and African drum beats.






Left the safety of our Camarote (what they call the parties based in bleachers and terraces) to party hard on the street with the locals (called popcorning).



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