Bugging Out

26 Feb

One of the best nights of the year. Maybe my life.

I started by performing a sort of daily ritual, finishing off two vodka red bulls and pregaming on the hostel terrace.  Immediately after, I was down the street popcorning and completly in my own zone.

I started dancing with a thirty year old Brazilian woman who was ready to fly back with me to the states.  We danced for a while and when it started to rain hard, we didn’t stop.  There were millions of people on the streets all doing the same thing and the moment was perfect.

We parted ways and when I saw PSiRico, I ran after the bloco.  I tried to sneak in but security kicked me out and so I had to buy a ticket instead (which comes in the form of a tee-shirt).

I was dancing hard. The african beats were infective.  But it was a particularly rowdy night.  And I saw a guy get into a fight and pull out a shank.  The cops jumped him, (they were brutal), and dragged him away immediately.

I decided to head back.  There the party was still going strong but the DJ seemed like he was pulling the plug for the night.  A few bankers tried to convince him to keep going with some cash.  I knew the true way to a man’s heart and told him I would find him a gringo girl who would flash him.

He relented and let an Aussi plug in his ipod for one song.  It was what we needed.  Everyone was absolutely wasted by then and the entire hostel and everyone on the street bugged out to some techno and strobe lights.

The energy was right and the DJ let the ipod play for another hour as the audience on the street grew larger and larger.






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