Carnaval 2009 Continues

26 Feb

Every night you say I can’t do it again tomorrow. Then you wake up and go even harder.


Pretending to be giraffes with by bunk mate






not the best beer pourers in the world, but we forgave them anyway.


this was a particularly good bloco.  400 usd for a tee-shirt. you do have a painted over naked woman dancing on top though.  then again, risa could do that for free in geneseo…


This was a great band as well. Overall, I really liked PSiRico, Jammil, Timberland or Timbalada or something, and Oz something. I also liked Daniela something even though she was more poppy.


These guys had a middle eastern theme going on.  It was a costume just for men and I heard it cost almost 200 bones to get one.  The guys that wore it were particularly aggressive and I saw many a girl squirm to get out of their reach.


The security staff eventually warmed up to us.  But it was a long process and I felt a little bad for them – they had to act so seriously during the biggest party of the year.


Going crazy on the camarote



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