Last Night of Carnaval

26 Feb

I started the night in Pelorinho, the historic district, where Carnaval took on a tamer, more cultural flavor. Truthfully, I just couldn’t bring myself to start drinking again at 5 in the afternoon when I had woken up just a few hours earlier.





Afterwards I cabbed back to the ocean and got ready for the madness of the last night of Carnaval.

Our hostal was filled with Aussies and they were uber excited about some international techno DJs coming through.  The only ones I had heard of were Armin Van Buren and Tiesto. I don’t normally listen to house but the bloco unleashed a wave of energy anywhere it went and I was drunk enough to happliy follow it along.  I also managed to sneak into the $125 bloco by wearing a black tee-shirt, the same color as the bloco tees.

Eventually the music got too trippy for me (thought the Europeans were definitley liking it) and I headed back to the hostal.  More boozing commenced and the streets were going crazy.

It was one hell of a week and it is something I will definitely have to do again. Time to recruit a huge group for next year.  Who’s interested?

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