Heading South

8 Mar

I wasn’t sure where to go next.  Any number of beach towns seemed really cool so instead of making a decision, I decided to let fate take its course instead.

After scrambling for a bus around noon, I set off to a larger bus terminal that could connect me further south, closer to Rio.

And things were looking up when a ticket agent actually complimented me on my Portuguese.

Still unsure of where to go next, I bought a bus ticket to an even larger bus terminal that would connect me even further south.

But as I was waiting and smoking some fine hand rolled tobacco with a chocolately kick, I spotted a bus that would take me to Ilheus, a town remarkably close to one of the beach towns on  my list.

The decision was made.

The rest of the day was spent on buses and I got to know the countyside intimately, though I didn’t know just how intimately I would get to know it in just a few days after.


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