8 Mar

Itacare attracts so many Israelis that more menus are written in Hebrew than English. One restaurant even had its menus flip from right to left.

Israelis can be intimidating.  They usually travel in packs of ten and make lots of noise wherever they go.  Needless to say I stayed mostly clear of my brethren, who were all on holiday after serving three years in the military.

Instead, I hung out with a mix of Americans and Aussies, an Argentine (who was victim to a bus crash), a Chilean (who had the funds to go to Carnaval, but not to the southern part of his own country), an Israeli (who was older and more mature and was traveling solo), and of course, Veronica and Gwen (who let me crash their road trip).

It was an idyllic town with idyllic beaches.  The town´s center was touristy, but not unbearably so, and the line of cheap restaurants and pousadas was actually welcoming.

I took an hours hike to a remote beach and came across an absolutely beautiful beach.  It was something out of a movie.  Clear blue-green water with palm trees on the coast and white sand that was just perfect.  I actually got chills thinking about what I was seeing.






I attempted some beach reading but my book was way to serious for the occasion.  Sun Tsu´s The Art of War is not exactly light and I had nothing to relate his lessons to. There´s no competition in my life. No board room meetings or rate races or wars or any conflicts really, save for maybe a few internal ones.

That night we all went to a moon lit beach party because you don´t just go to local bars when your taking hikes through the jungle to secret beaches.

The party was awesome and I got wasted.  But as often happens, I clandestinely slipped away towards the end of the night when I was uncomfortably hammered.

I was leaning noticeably and the only reason I didn´t get mugged I think was that I had company from the hostel´s dog.  He had walked with all of us when we headed out to the beach and there he was, waiting for me when it was time to walk back!

Maverick wuda been jealous.


One Response to “Itacare”

  1. Marina March 24, 2009 at 8:38 pm #

    nah son..maverick’s found new love

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