Making the rents proud

11 Mar

Musuems are dead. That’s what I said to Marina the other day. We’ve got the Discovery Channel now. Why would we look at fake dinosaur bones in a museum when we can google everything we ever wanted to know in just a few minutes.

She countered.

What about art?

What about architecture?

And she might’ve alluded to medium except that I don’t remember.

And with that, I agreed.

So with a cloudy sky and rain on the horizon, I headed to the centro to check out a few museums. I ignored the fine arts museum – I was in no mood for stuffy European art but instead I wandered to the Musuem of Modern Art.

The exhibits were awesome and I was lucky they had photography that month.  That’s probably my favorite medium to look at.

The dude’s name was Vik. He was a Brazilian photographer that used food and all sorts of crazy things to create various paintings – and then photographed them.  Some portrairs were made out of ketchup…lol

I checked out the cultural center as well.  That day they had an exhibit of various local art dating back to the country’s independence.  The art was as diverse as the country and the actual musuem was really chill.  The lights were real dim and they blasted some cool music in the background.  I felt like I needed a drink.  They also housed a few paintings in two different vaults.   could only assume those were the ones who were really worth a lot and I couldn’t help thinking how I could steal them.

The galleries were staffed with female only securtiy guards that were all beautiful (the curator had to be a guy).  At first it was hard to take them seriously but there were two guards to a room and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get very far.

The funniest part of the day was that I went to all of these exhibits on my own free will.  And I passed down a few groups of students that were obviously there on a school trip, grudgingly being led around by their teaches.

I used to be there, the guy win the back, making jokes about the boring art pieces and plotting an escape route.

Funny how things work out.

Anyway, I was feeling particularly creative after the museums and tried my own hand at photography after.



One Response to “Making the rents proud”

  1. Marina March 24, 2009 at 9:06 pm #

    haha you’re welcome

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