Rio de Janeiro

11 Mar

First impression: Wow

Second: Shit I’m tired

Shit it doesn’t matter. This is awesome.

Rio is a city the size of New York, except that it happens to be perched between mountains with a few gorgeous beaches (and women) to boot.

Veronica was navigating the city streets after I retired earlier that morning and there was a combination of relief and excitement in the car.

We found the hostal quickly and it turned out to be the size of a hotel.  Filled with tons of nooks and crannys, a bar and jacuzzi, it never felt that intimate and I decided to bounce a few nights later.

My first night was awesome.  I resorted to old school roots by pre-gaming hard with a bottle of vodka in my room, and only getting one or two drinks at the club.  The bill still came out to well over 50 usd for the night and I realized quickly Rio would be an expensive endeavor.

Meanwhile, I spent the first day on the beach with a Turkish dj who was currently spinning in Moscow, though he was looking to relocate to South America because the Russian police were constantly running his pockets for bribes, even though his papers were apparently in order.

The beach lived up to all of my expectations and more and it was completly relaxing.


The waves were absolutly huge and it was actually a bit scary to go swimming too far in.  You could feel the strong undertoe with every step.  Obviously it was more of a beach for surfing than swimming, though that suited my just fine as I’m now a professional surfer 🙂

The string bikinies also lived up to all of the hype…









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