Top Tour

17 Mar

Amazing amazing day.

I woke up bright and early with a hangover.  But instead of lounging around with a bottle of water and properly attending to my head, I hopped aboard a tour of Rio’s top sites.

We started the tour with a hike to Sugar Loaf, a pretty big mountain in the area.  Man am I out of shape.  The hike was punishing and reminded me it’s time to put down the beer and go for a jog.  I should put down the cloves too.

We did see this little guy on the hike though…


The trail took us to a sky tram thing and we boarded one to head over to some pretty dramatic views.  It was beautiful, and really high, and I can’t say I didn’t feel a little vertigo at first.





If I would’ve built a city, I wuda looked around for some flat ground.  But it wouldn’t have looked as beautiful as this!

It’s an entire city transplanted between gorgeous beaches and mountains…

Afterward, we cruised to a staircase made out of bath tubs and tiles from around the world.  It was started by a mad-man from Chile and quickly became a magnet for tourists.


Interestingly, it has also been the site for a number of music videos, including one by Snoop Dog (alex, you reading?).

rio-top-tour-032 rio-top-tour-033 rio-top-tour-0291

Then it was on to the big guy, the shot of Rio we know and love, and the one we’ve seen in all of the movies. It was time for the statue of christ.




The views were incredible. Above is a shot of Ipanema which is where I’m staying now.

The crowd was especially trigger happy (including myself) and it became funny to watch everyone scrambling for a photo.

Can you count how many cameras are in the picture below?


How about this one?


Then we went trigger happy ourselves…



The clouds get dark and stormy as I flip a bird.


Even jesus has b.o.

We wrapped up the day with a feast at an all you can eat meat and sushi restaurant.  nuff said

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