Lapa Street Party

20 Mar

My spirits were up on Friday.

I had dragged Danny’s cousin to the airport to bitch at the baggage people and after navigating a maze of behind-the-scene walkways, we found our bag sitting idly on the floor. Right in the middle of the American Airlines baggage claims department. The kind people of delta had walked it over earlier that morning.


With bag in hand, I dozed off on the beach trying to lay rest to the day’s emotions.  Losing that bag woulda been bad.  Afterward, I decided to celebrate with some sushi.


I grabbed a cheap plastic bottle of vino tinto that two guys from the favela had put me on to earlier. It tasted like juice and we joked it would turn children into alcoholics.

It was dark and I was carrying my new bag full of gifts with me.  I didn’t want to risk anything happening to the bag so instead of walking home, I stopped to chat with two indie looking girls who were locking their bikes up.  They looked fun and I wanted to share my new found wine.

There was a language barrier and one of their stories made it sound like the taller, cuter one had stabbed a guy. I couldn’t figure out why.  And when I told her she looked Israeli, she let me know how much she didn’t like Israelis.  The conversation was over.


I caught a taxi to the hostel. Taxis don’t like taking me home because of the steep ascent and the impact on their suspensions from the cobble stones and tram tracks.


I joined up with a new gang. This time it was an Australian guy, some hostel staff, and three ladies from Ireland.  As luck would have it, Irish women are a lot easier to understand than Irish men and their jokes weren’t lost on me this time around.


The Lapa Street Party is what every high schooler dreams college would be like. Or to put it in Geneseo terms, what Orchard Street might look like if there weren’t any cops.

The streets were lined with bars, clubs, and cafes.  But the highlight were impromptu bars set up on the street corner, drums and samba by the aqueducts, and thousands of locals boozing to music on the streets.

Good fun.


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