back to old habits

24 Mar

I took a bike ride the other day.  All of the way from Santa Theresa to Leblon and back.  And aside from the completly frustrating experience of fixing Ricky’s old bike along the way, it was a completly pleasant experience and as always, a great way to see the city.

Brazilian drivers are so aggressive though that most bikers actually keep to pedestrian sidewalks.  So to show the Cariocas how its done in NY, I took my bike to the streets and played equally aggressive.

As a side note,

Brazilian drivers, particularly in Rio, are much more aggressive than those from BA.  In fact, they’ll actually go out of their way to scare anyone brave enough to walk a red light and swerve close to the curb to keep pedestrians fearful on the sidewalk.  But for all of their aggressiveness in Rio, I think the drivers in Bueonos Aires, and the cabbies in particular, show much more finese and get to their destinations much quicker.

Next day I took the bike out again but this time didn’t get very far.  I took a nap along some brilliant coastline along Flamengo’s harbor and then made the grueling return trip back the hill home.



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