Getting creepy with the fishes

14 Apr

Next day in Ilha Grande was another incredible one.

We  boarded an old school looking boat heading to the green lagoon, a crystal clear body of water especially useful for snorkeling.


Outfitted with our black goggles and breathing tube, we looked pretty ridiculous.  A poor version of the navy seals maybe.  Stuart then made the amateur mistake of jumping in the water with his gear fitted.  We heard screams as the water rushed into his mouth.

It wouldn’t be the first bad jump off the boat that Stuart made that day.  A painful back flip and botched dive would make the list and made for some pretty good laughs.

I had a great time snorkeling.  As far as I can remember, it was my first time and it was worth every penny.  The boats crew gave us some fish food and the school of fish literally swarmed us.

And when everyone else was bored, there I was still spreading fish food all around me, attracting tons of little yellow guys, and swimming with their school.  All in all, getting pretty creepy with the fish.


We went to a few more beaches that day and I found a starfish near one of the beaches.  I gotta say, it was a strange sensation holding one, not knowing what to expect and getting weirded out when it sorta suctioned onto my palm.


Later we stopped to get lunch where we had some pretty damn good fish overlooking one of the bays.


Then we cruised around some and spotted a submarine.  Probably the Russians up to no good again…


Then we cruised some more…


As would be the habit in Ilha Grande, the sky began to darken in the early evening and we sailed home through a monochromonic (spelling?) painting of greys.







One Response to “Getting creepy with the fishes”

  1. Marina May 1, 2009 at 4:40 pm #

    was it weird to eat the fish you just swam with?

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