2 Day

18 Apr

God created the world in 6 days. Stuart and I trekked Ilha Grande instead.  Day 2 of our hike around both hell and paradise…

We woke up in the morning to find our fears of high tide confirmed.  The beach was no longer a beach, but an extension of the ocean.  I started the day by going for a swim and doing some laps in the small lagoon.

Great start to the day but it started raining soon enough and we scrambled to put together the rain cover, which would work more like a rain delay than a rain cover, getting us pretty wet in the process.

We hung out in the tent hoping to wait out the rain.  I read some while doging streams of water.  But it didn’t seem like the rain was due to end for sometime so we made the call to pack it up and go.

Our first step was to wade through the former beach.  With that behind us, we had a few hours of trekking ahead of us,.

The trails of Ilha Grande seemed to serve both as recreational hiking tails and also as a linking system between the islan’s beaches and towns.  The pattern went something like this: a trail would leave one beach and climb through a mountain before beginnings its descent to the next beach.  You’d have to walk across the next beach and then look for the next trail at it’s end.

The guidebook warned of unmarked trails and poisonous snakes and we definitely had to rely on locals for the former.

Soaked and with large backpacks and trekking poles in hand, we arrived at the next beach to the stares of its locals.  But before going on, we had to stop to buy some water.

Stuart and I had 32 Reals, or less than 15 usd between the two of us.  Really I should say I had 2 and Stuart had 30 but he was cool about it and made a commitment to split things even.  The island didn’t have banks or atms and only a handful of stores accepted visa.  We knew we had to make our money last, anticiapting a food and water shortage at the end of the trip.

We went on and as the sun set again, so commenced the scramble for a place to sleep.  We found a huge rock on the beach that provided a bit of cover underneath it.  It looked like a wolves’ den but we didn’t see any wolves (or tracks) and we were sold on the spot.



We hadn’t been able to make a fire yet, all of the wood around was still wet,  and eating any more tuna and salami seemed cumbersome.   We also didn’t want to call it a night.  With the sun setting at 6pm, no fire also meant there would be nothing to do.

We made the call to look for a pousada who would take visa and grab a few beers while we read our books and hung out.  Of course that got abandoned as soon as we walked in and saw an all you can eat buffet.  We promptly glued ourselves to a table overlooking the bay and ate to more than our heart’s (and stomach’s) content.

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