Day Three

18 Apr

I woke up early on day three, around dawn, and went for a swim around the harbor.  It took me three tries, but I eventually made it to the boat I had my eyes on and back.  Meanwhile, the crsytal clear water shed light on a sandy bottom and even a few starfishes.

We would have some catching up to do that day.  The day before showed barely any progress as we spent most of the day waiting for the rain to end.  So we hit the trails hard and in full force and day three was a bad day for my trekking buddy.  I was in pain as well after we decided to collect dry firewood in case it would rain again.  We used our machetes to chop down some logs we found and the result was even more stuff for us to carry.

The third night was even worse than the day’s walk, especially for Stuart.  We found ourselves on a populated beach on which pitching a tent was definitly a no-go.  But trekking to the next town was out of the question as well since it was already dark and we only had one flashlight between us.  The next town was also about five hours away.

It began raining pretty hard, harder than it had rained the previous two days.  With no other options, we found a small shack with an awning beside it and decided to wait out the rain there.  But when it became clear the rain wasn’t ending, we pulled out the blankets in anticipation of a long night ahead of us.

We felt pretty homeless, and smelled like it too.  It was uncomfortable and cold and the rain was unrelenting.  I’ve got an uncanny ability to pass out anywhere but even I had a hard time getting through the night.  Stuart, the second Englishman I’ve met who had a distaste for crabs, was tormented by an absolutely huge one, which was apparently seeking cover from the rain as well.  Sometime in the middle of the night, it got so cold that Stuart made a fire though I bet it was also to keep the crab away.  It was a difficult night, but one we knew would eventually end.


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