6 photos and a long way home

19 Apr

God created the world in 6 days. Stuart and I trekked Ilha Grande instead.  Day 6 of our hike around both hell and paradise..

we woke up to the sight of this!




We were well on our way, enthusiastic as ever to finally get back to civilization.  On the way was an old prison, imploded in 1985. cIt housed the state’s most dangerous criminals and left the island mostly uninhabited as a result.  It was only when the prison was shut down, that the island experienced a huge tourism boom.


We munched on some cookies sitting across the eerie prison.  I thought about how things change…,what was once the scene of unspeakable violence was now no more.  img_2781

We went on, feel blistered and hurting.  We had a long way to go, but somehow it felt easier, and Stuart and I talked more that day than we did all week.  I found out he was a media studies major though he dreams of opening up his own restaurant. He’s been working to that goal for his entire life, learning the tools of the trade inside and out.

On we went in that way, through talk of media theory and life’s plan for us all, our goals and our dreams and soon enough we were on a perch overlooking town.  The weather was tuning on us fast and we struggled to get back into town before another downpour.

We passed an old couple. They had been walking the other way but the weather and steep slope must have dissuaded them, and they turned back towards town.

We saw them again when we stopped for a break and more cookies.  We knew the going had been slow but we were determined not to lose out to a couple of old people, so we chased them down the mountain and when we finally caught up, we back into civilization, with people, and stores, visa machines and hot girls, and we darted for the nearest supermarket to pick up some water and acai.

Somehow the town seemed more vibrant.  Stores that seemed closed only a week before now brimmed with tourists.  We soaked in every detail as we walked.

Back at the hostel, we felt glorious and triumphant.  The girls at reception said they could smell us for miles.  They seemed glad to have us back.  After recycling through tourists on a regular basis, it must have been nice to see back some old friends.

But it was a holiday weekend and the hostel was all booked up. It explained why we thought the town was bustling with energy we hadn’t noticed before.  They made a few calls on our behalf and we crashed at a dingier locale not too far away.

We had ambitious plans to celebrate our homecoming with a nice meal and a bottle of vodka we had trudged all the way around the island.  But truthfully, all I wanted to do was sleep and I after a delicious meal, I passed right out and got the first good night’s sleep in a week.


6 Days of Trekking…and rest on the 7th! My rabbi would have been proud.

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