a hearty serving of burnt pita and pasta sauce

2 May

Last night I came home and almost caused a fire. I didn’t know that until I woke up this morning and found a kitchen turned upside down, with scattered burnt crisps of pita and a pan full of pasta sauce.  Apparently I had tried to cook pita bread directly on my stove and intended to spread it with tomato sauce, but never got that far. I don’t remember any of it.

Just that the night started in a bar named Mud Bug. In true South American fashion, there was less standing and more sitting, which suited me fine since I was meeting a group of people.  We had a few beers and I poked a pregnant woman’s stomach.  She was at the table too, with a beer, and a cigarette, and she assured everyone she was fine.  Her friends didn’t protest and I wondered whether should I.

We went on, to a nightclub in Gavea.  We were lured by the promise of a cheap cover and all-you-can drink booze, but found something much more pricey and set within a strip-club type of a decor.  We had fun just the same- It just cost a lot more than we wanted.

Several caprivodkas later and I was happily dancing to some techno.  Everyone expects me to be an amazing dancer because of my videos.  I had the same coversation I always have when it comes up, that I was just the producer, not the instructor.  Most people don’t understand. I made a mental note to take dance lessons when I come home.


The rest gets pretty hazy. I time travelled back to my apartment and awoke to the disaster that is my kitchen today.

It wasn’t the first time I tried cooking while black-out drunk.  There was that time in Geneseo when I left a piece of meat in the Geroge Foreman grill all night to the dismay of my housemates.   I’t happened several times on this trip as well, once with Danny in Buenos Aires when I left a pot of boiling water and went to sleep and once in El Calafate, which I don’t remember at all.  Hey, there’s worse things to be done while black-out than get a little food in your belly.


2 Responses to “a hearty serving of burnt pita and pasta sauce”

  1. Drama Queen May 3, 2009 at 6:45 pm #

    Doc Brown picked us up and we road the DeLorean all the way back to Ipanema. It’s too bad you can’t remember it!


    PS: Does that mean I saved your life for the 4th time?

    PS2: Citroën is a french car.

  2. Yuri May 8, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    Why take dancing lessons?! I hear there is this awesome DVD with dancing instructions one can buy on amazon … he he he

    Have not been reading your blog for a while but family was discussing fire in your kitchen so had to check it out.

    I am envious of your adventures! I’ll be in Peru in mid-August for two weeks. And we are all going to England for Lenka’s wedding, you are missing out!

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