Living in Rio

7 May

“Everyman needs a routine,” says Yev.  “To keep him from going crazy.”


And signing up for volleyball lessons at an early 10 in the morning has set me steadily on that path.  Mornings are rough.  And the first few practices tested my endurance after long nights of drinking.

Everyday I wake up and filter through every excuse known to man.  I think about everyway I could get out of the situation.  It is like waking up for class in college, but this time I can’t find an excuse.  I don’t have Ronald’s number and I would feel terrible if he waited around on the beach for me while I never show up.

So I go, and I play, and I feel pretty nifty afterwards, having played volleyball on a beautiful beach in the early hours of the day, only to have the entire day ahead of me.

What follows is pretty self-congratulatory, so I urge anyone reading this to turn away immediately, lest being forced to read the rest of this self adulating entry.

With money short and the idea of it constantly over my head, I decided to write a new book and launch a new website. So I do that after volleyball, but not before catching a tan on the beach and reading a book.  Then I like to wander over to the outdoor gym and afterward, I continue with my book back home.

When the sun begins to set, I meet up with Ronald and his friends again and I play more volleyball.  On the weekdays Ronal continues his coaching while we play and although it’s not a practice, we learn a lot as he criticzes us from the sidelines.

Then it’s on to my favorite salad bar with crazy good food.  I try to be healthy but it’s usually the less healthy options that capture my attention and when I’m stuffed and ready, I stay up till the middle of the night working on my book, watching Law and Order of course, which has become a new fascination of mine due to the harsh selection of english speaking programs on tv…

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