Great Weekend

9 May

Can’t remember what I did on Friday and Saturday night, but I bet it involved drinking and a night out in Lapa.

Sunday night though was a night to be remembered.  I met up with Felipe and he introduced me to his friends in Conversa Fiada, a three story bar in the heart of Ipanema.  They were the “playboy group,”  his friends that were all very well off; the sons and daughters of politcians and celebrities who partied everyday and seemed to take vacations on a whim.

Kailtyn would later joke that this was as cool as friends as I’ve ever hung out with.  Probably pretty true.  But what was cooler was the music, loud powerful bouts of jazz and samba mixed with some brazilian rap and rock.

I had just finished On the Road and its descriptions of jazz must have still resonated with me. Because when the saxaphone and trombones hit hard, they hit hard, and I was completly lost in the music, bugging out in my own world and loving every minute of the experience.  Beautiful girls, good friends, and music that even made your heart dance was Sunday night.

And it finished with a ride home from Amanda, a beautiful girl (milf), who Felipe introduced me to earlier in the night.  We grabbed food together with Lulu, who sported dark sinister eyes which betrayed his otherwise friendly demeanour.  They both wanted sushi so I went along with the ride. It’s hard to explain to Cariocas that you are broke, because gringos are never broke and all gringos, especially gringos from New York, and gringos with a website company should have a lot of money.

They dropped me home afterward and I stumbled upstairs with a promise to go back to that bar soon.

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