Conversa Fiada

11 May

I met up with Yev and Ronnie on Tuesday night after pregaming with a bottle of wine, which has sort of become a ritual in of itself.  I was feeling great, the weather was perfect, and the night was young.

Ronnie was in town for the week, he was from San Francisco and Yev was showing him a good time.  I didn’t know him yet but we hit it off immediately, and after meeting up outside a restaurant near my place, we headed to Conversa Fiada, which was the site of such a good time just a few days before.

We headed upstairs and there I immediatly spotted Chris, who was back in Rio for one night (his last) and we caught up on everything since Ilha Grande.

I introduced all of them to Felipe’s playboy group and it felt like I knew everyone in the bar.  Amanda of two kids was there too and after chatting with her briefly, I saw Sarah the producer as well.  For what could have been an incredibly awkward situation though was thwarted by the fact that Amanda wasn’t into me, and Sarah had apparently moved on.

The music was on in full swing again and I was glad to see Yev and Ronnie completly embracing the situaion like I had been a few days prior.

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