Blast from the Past II

26 May

We woke up the next morning to a beautiful day yet again.  The forecast had predicted a cloudy weekend but as we would see everyday, the forecasts would all be wrong and Rio de Janeiro has never seen so many consquetive days of sunshine as when Kaitlyn came to visit.

We grabbed omelets and juices for breakfast and headed to the beach to capture a bit of Rio’s best pastime, chillin’ on the beach.  With capirinhas in hand, we decided to walk through Ipanema and Leblon, past Gavea and the jockey club, to the Botanical Gardens.  There we roamed a huge span of garden that boasted more plants and trees than flowers.




It was fun, but nothing spectacular, and with the sun still shining strong, I decided to take her to see Christ.

We took an older train, apparently the country’s first to the top of the mountain that the statue of Christ sits upon.  We wondered why the first train in the country would go up a mountain instead of to a city or something more practical.  But that is the Brazilian way it seems.

The train was cool, passing through jungle and dramatic views of the city, but totally not worth it because if its fairly high price tag.

The statue this time was magnificantly less packed.  It’s amazing how a few months into the low season dramatically transforms the landscape of things.


We hung out for a while and I was surprised to hear Kaitlyn be the first one to suggest to leave.  I had been there before and figured I would be the first one to get bored.  It was a subtle testament to how I have changed.

I asked Kaitlyn at some point during the week whether I had changed at all.  She said I hadn’t really, that I was just more relaxed.  Indeed, I have slowly been learning how to just stop and take things in, briefly tuning out the past and the future and trying hard to be able to enjoy the present.  I’m not even close but have probably come a long way from the ADDness of New York.

Afterward, a taxi driver with the coolest “how did you meet your wife,” story took us to Santa Theresa.


There we had one of my tastiest dinners in South America yet at a place called something something.  Filet Mignon, some sort of fish, and a bottle of wine was perfect.  I promised Kaitlyn a trip on an old school trolly next but she couldn’t envision the kind of ride it would actually be.

We hopped aboard the tram and we rode down the hill standing on its side, hanging off like little kids, a sort of roller coaster ride but with none of the safety checks.

Kaitlyn’s second night in town ended with a trip to Gavea’s street party with Felipe and his playboy group where we all drank beers outdoors.

One Response to “Blast from the Past II”

  1. Marina June 5, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    does more relaxed mean you’ve gotten even more lazy than you were? :p

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