Blast from the Past IV

27 May

We woke up on Saturday to find another amazing, cloudless day outside.  I can’t remember what we did that morning but it probably involved beaches and sun.  Worried that rain would come any day now, we didn’t want to postpone Sugar Loaf any longer and decided to hike up to the famous tourist attraction that afternoon.

It was a race against time and we worked up a sweat to make sure we reached the top of the mountain before sunset.  Sugarloaf actually consists of two mountains and it’s possible to hike up to the first.


It is also possible to rock climb to the second (revert to tiny spec on the mountain below), but we opted for the more traditional and less life threatening, but only slightly cable car approach to the top.


There we enjoyed a few beers while watching one of nature’s most curious wonders recede into the night.




On top of the mountain my phone range. It was Felipe.  He wanted to know if we wanted to go to Outback with his girlfriend.  I wasn’t terribly against the idea but Kaitlyn pointed out she didn’t come to Brazil to eat in a western chain.  She had a point.

So instead Felipe took us to a North Eastern market that had been on my to-do list for a while.  It was like entering another world.  Set in a stadium of sorts in the north end of town, we browsed through shops filled with the sound of foha coming from a massive stage surrounded by dancing Brazilians.

We grabbed dinner in one of the restaurants (I didn’t think the market would be developed enough to even have restaurants but it actually had a few), and Felipe ordered up a feast of Carne de Sol as well as a slew of sides, including fried cheese, a vegetable I have never heard of, rice and beans, and of course, farofa.

Dinner was fun but I think it was difficult for Felipe’s girlfriend and at times it felt like we were chasing a good time.  A few days of restless drinking might have also been starting to catch up with me and my eyelids were feeling heavy.

After dinner, Kailtyn and I headed to Rio Seranium where a few locals invited us to cut the outregiously long line.  We entered the club and just as before, I was blown away by the regal size of the club.  We thanked the Cariocas who let us into the club and bought them a round as thanks, and actually ended up talking to them for sometime before we parted ways to go dancing.


The music just wasn’t as cool as a few weeks ago though and we couldn’t really get into it.  Kaitlyn wanted to check out another venue but I was starting to feel beat and offered to go home instead.  And that’s how our fourth night ended, but not before a mad dash around some of the town’s salgados and a few more beers back home.

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