Blast from the Past V

31 May

Woke up sunday morning to hang out by the beaches. On sundays they close the main street next to the beach and everyone uses it to go jogging, ride, bikes and go rollerblading.  We grabbed a few drinks and enjoyed another beautiful day in Rio.  Then we checked out the hippie market and somehow ended up spending the better half of the day there.  Kaitlyn found some cool shot glasses (if you are reading this, how did your roomies like em), and afterward, we caught our first real nap of the week.  We woke up and it was already pretty late, so we grabbed some baby chickens (really good) and headed to Emporio, where we drank a few beers, broke a glass or two, and were the last ones to leave the bar.  Salgados after the bar were involved too.

The next day was filled with goodbyes, goodbye to Kaitlyn, to the beach, to pratio faitos, to the lake, and to the goodtimes of the week.  We were both a lot sadder than we thought we would be when we parted, and I was decidedly homesick thereafter.  Still am I suppose.


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