cow statues hit ipanema beach

24 Jun

much of my time in Rio was spent wandering around the city and the beach. mostly the beach.

nothing would put me into a greater mood than strolling down ipanema beach. bikinis, mountains, waves, and beers, sand castles, islands, kisses, music, and foot-volley were instant reminders of just how lucky i was.

i took pleasure in watching life’s subtle funny moments, like when a man taking photos of female volleyball players felt the nudge of his wife, and gradually panned his camera away from the unattainable and towards the mountains.

on one such of these walks I passed a cow that new yorkers know only too well.  the pointless sculptures that invaded our city some years ago in foolishly painted colors had been deposited in ipanema as well.

a little girl stood on the corner, playing with the cow.  she was imitating a farmer, she was working in the fields, collecting eggs from the chickens and collecting milk from the cow.

i couldn’t hide my bemused smile as her father looked on, completly lost as to how to handle the situation.  i imagined him wondering whether he should stop her – as she was obviously making inappropriate gestures.  but was she doing anything wrong?  if he told her to stop, what would be his explanation?  is milking a cow wrong?

i wondered if her mom would have better grasp of the situation.  i wondered about all of the problems that fatherhood would bring, and i was glad that i was a bachelor strolling ipanema beach, and not a father in distress, strolling amongst the dilemans that only fatherhood could bring…


One Response to “cow statues hit ipanema beach”

  1. Marina June 25, 2009 at 3:16 pm #

    lets keep it that way!

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