the great equalizer

1 Jul

rain, nature, it’s been raining a lot in Rio.  The city is in the midst of a struggle between winter and summer and the cariocas have responded with jackets, hats, and I might have even spotted a scarf.

everybody scurries away from the rain when it comes down hard.  noone likes to get wet and everyone needs an umbrella – even the richest man in the world can’t pay the payment it takes to change the weather.

rain, the great equalizer but what does equal mean.  Equal opportunity I guess, but isn’t that just generational deep?

didn’t we all start out equal.

imagine if tomorrow we all started from scatch – I imagine that some people would do better than others.  and isn’t it within our rights, our duty even, to pass on the fruits of our labor to those closest to us.  and who is closest to us other than our family – and our children, our children who would have better opportunities than some of their peers?


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