6 Jul

Central Bolivia, Cafe, Waiting for the bus to Sucre.

Feeling somewhat pointless today.  Wandering from bar to eatery to coffee shop, but not necessarily in that order.  I’m in Cochabamba, the sight of one of bolivia’s most important struggles, but I didn’t know that then.

I’m stuck in town because some travelers recommended I take two buses instead of one to Sucre – because a direct trip wuda meant 18 hours on unpaved, bumpy road.

It was a good idea, but there weren’t any immediate connections, so after one 11 hour ride through the night, I searched for a hostel for a few hours of snoozing, and after flirting with the idea of a cold shower, I went on my way to explore the city I was forced to explore – except that I was tired and cranky (and showerless) and there was nothing to explore.

Can’t get the girl from new zealand out of my head.  not because she was gorgeous (though she wasn’t bad) but because she was the type of girl i am attracted to, a wanderer, a hippie, a bandana draped over her head.  attracted to her life story, the brave decision to delay university and go traveling instead.  i wonder how i can too balance the need for a job, a respectable job, with the need to travel, and with the need to live abroad.

i want to live in coloroado, maybe work on a slope.  i want to live in california, in texas, in mexico, and in spain too.  i want to live in austrilia, in new zealand, and i want to live in new york.  a visit to london, to italy, to europe, a year in china, a day in thailand, a meal in malaysia, a bike ride through ireland, and a motorcycle ride through eastern europe.

and as i sit here and day dream, i spot a policeman who’s positioned to protect the well-to-do diners from the beggars they choose to ignore, show an act of kindness.  i watch as he helps a beggar load his plastic bag with the leftovers of a fine meal.  positioned in the smarter area of town, forced to guard the rich, i wonder if he feels the difference between himself and the uppercrest of society.

One Response to “Cochabamba”

  1. Marina July 8, 2009 at 2:59 pm #

    how can you say you want to live in those places if you’ve never even been there??

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