a bit about the taxistas in Sucre

16 Aug

let me tell you a thing about the taxi drivers in Sucre.  They drive totoyats, nissans too, and they’re usually station wagons with a tire in the back, sometimes a kid too.

some cabbies spend the day with their wives by their side, sitting silently, solemnly in the passenger seat.  i thought it was a form of chauvinism, the men forcing their wives to come along for the ride.  steve thinks that’s impossible though – who would go out of their way to spend the whole day with their wife after all.  perhpas they’re there to read the speedometer.  some of the cars, possibly imported (or stolen) from England, have the dashboard and driving controls on the right.  only the steering wheel would be removed and placed on the left side of the car where the driver could use it.

but the best part about the taxis in Sucre is that they will bring you whatever you want, whenever you want, and where ever you want it.  Mas vino in the middle of the night, check.  Orange juice and greasy food in the morning when you’ve got a hangover to kill, check.  Redbulls, speeds, and regular beer runs made us a familiar address to the radio taxi company in town.


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