remembering sucre

16 Aug

dance show – one of the few of the more touristy things I did in town.  alicia and i got dressed up and went to a sleek looking theater.  reminded me of a jazz club.  we shared a bottle of kohlby.  i felt old and sophisticated.  alicia looked good.  the show was good. colorful.  a large monkey that jumped out from the dark and into a series of strobe lights scared the hell out of me.  the dancing was just ok.  i can say that cuz im a major dance critic now.

bbq and beer pong – steve and i finally got organized enough to throw a party.  vico promised us hundreds of friends but then cancelled at the last minute.  alicia came threw with a bunch of brazilians. it was fun. the food was great. the bolivians loved the beer pong, and our house smelled like frat for the rest of our stay.

napoli – some of the best pizza i’ve ever had. mmmm, napoli

tequilla shots in mitos – came to find out tequilla shots were about a buck each.  this was good knowledge to have.

kohlberg – hmmm, bottles of tasty red wine for 3 bucks a pop.

stigma – braces and islamic heaven

david harvey  – online lectures about marxism over pizza and beer

alicia and animal noises

carla and smoking and channel 98.

twenty years, twenty long years

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