motorcycle ride to urubamba

5 Sep

paid a guy 8 bucks to learn to ride a motorcycle.  fell once and almost hit a dog twice so i paid him 5 more bucks to learn for a few minutes more.  start, stop, stall, and start all over again marked my first few moments.  but then i was off, with a bike in so bad a condition that its owner promised me I couldn’t make it any worse. 

i zoomed out of town. cautious and slow at first, i worked up the couragous to pass a bus moving to slow for me. i was afraid of the speed, afraid of what I’d try to do. you could feel the wind immediately, at times so strong it would seem like it could blow your helmet right off.

i came across a fork in the road and went with the wrong fork. when i asked for directions, the locals told me I had to take a dirt path to get back.  y not. i was doing well on the mostly paved road anyway.  past farms, school children, and muddy banks i went on until i found the right road and proceeded to fly north. 

I was comfortable, and good, and the only things to give me pause were the groups of wild animals on the side of the road. It seemed like anyone of them could jump out at any moment. 

Just like my fine instructor back in Cusco told me, I wouldn’t like it the first time a car would pass me.  Indeed, I could feel the full thrust of the wind behind the first man to pass me.  With no mirrors on the bike, it was always a surprise to feel a car accelerate past me.  By the second or third time though I was ready to chase the next car to pass me. 

One of the coolest days of my trip.  I have always wanted to learn how to ride a bike.

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