2 Apr

40 friends were replaced with 40 strangers as bus 394 hurled down curvy mountain roads through the blistering Israeli dessert.  I was on my own after a ten day trip.  I would have to start thinking, asking my own questions.  My beard, dark eyes, and eloquent nose blend me in.  A few grunts, simple yeses and no’,s and the unsuspecting think I am on of them.  The Israeli’s are blunt, aggressive, and they are totally okay with it.

boulders and canyons resemble something of a stone city. i start to see alleyways and buildings before the mirage fades away. short shrubs dot the land.

it has been a long time since i back packed, and the familliar feeling returned to me as the bus pulled into a new city. i waved away the taxi drivers and set to find someone friendly to ask for directions.

eilat is an unaasahmed tourist city, saved by some extraodinary views and the welcome absence of any golden arches.


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