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An Episode of Bizzare Foods

26 Feb

Salvador is all about its roots from Africa.  From the music to the art to the uncanny ability of carrying large coolers of beer on one’s head without using any hands.

And of course, the food as well.

The most famous dish is a stew of sorts that has shrimp and lobster inside of a coco milk broth with a whole slew of local spices and a touch of palm oil.  I don’t exactly know what palm oil is but its not a friend to gringo stomachs.

And the street food is amazing too.

One such thing is served up by women wearing hulu-hoop traditional dresses and it’s something like a fried corn batter with shrimp, salad, and hot sauce.


Below is a traditional dish that might be their version of a garbage plate…it’s filled with meat, fried egg, pasta, veggies, rice, beans, and topped with hot sauce.

We had this pretty often. Not bad for 5 usd.



We were wondering where all the dogs went…

carnaval-part-two-088Not your average NYC hot dog stand.