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Where Am I Now?

27 Feb

A map of where I’ve been so far



jeans, a tee shirt, and a laptop…

10 Nov

Ok, maybe I’m bringing a bit more than that.  But I tried really hard to bring as few things as possible, and to follow the advice of many message boards and not exceed a pack size of 55L. 

This bag is one we actually already had at home.  It’s a Gregory G Pack and I found out it’s a large – so it holds 51 liters or 2950 cubic inches.  


So far, the packing list is:

4 tee shirts

1 polo

1 long sleeve shirt

2 collar shirts

2 jeans

1 fleece

1 waterproof jacket shell

1 pair of pants for hiking

1 pair of shorts

1 bathing suit

1 pair of flip flops

5 boxers

5 pairs of socks

5 wife beaters

1 pocket camera

1 dslr

1 mini laptop


1 quick dry towel

and toiletries…

and then there were two

31 Oct

Yeee, it worked.

The blog was so good, I got a friend to come on the trip.

Danny is going to join me for Chile, Arengtina, and Brazil!

So everyone else reading, see how easy that was?  Just quit your job or steal as many pencils and staplers as it takes to get fired (hey the economy sucks anyway) and come along as well!

Here’s the new plan:

Start in Buenos Aires with day trips to Uraguay and stay for about 3 weeks, including New Years

Then go to west to Cordoza (university town)

And then on to Mendoza and Santiago and down Chile as previously planned

Loop around Patagonia and Ushuaia (lowest point of SA) and head on up to Rosario

Check out the waterfalls and then to Salvador for Carnival Feb 19th

A week or so there and then to Rio de Janeiro for 3 to 4 weeks or until Danny goes home and I go on to Bolivia.

Why South America

29 Oct

Why South America? Well truthfully, the original plan was to make millions and buy a sailboat to sail around the world.  With my dog, Maverick onboard of course.  Well a few millions less and I’m forced to make some compromises.  With Europe really cold (and really expensive!), not to mention full of cliches like “dude, i took a year off and went to Europe last summer, drank some Absinthe, and had my organs stolen,” I looked for something closer to home.  And with awesome movies like Motorcycle Diaries, the choice was pretty clear. 

Edit. Kailtyn claims she planted the seed for South America.  This may in fact be true.

Either way, look at it this way:

Eurotrip: dude made out with his sister
Into the Wild: dies an awful death
Motorcycle Diaries: guy starts a revolution

Hey, which one would you pick?

I also wanted to do a region, not a RTW (round the world) trip where I’d really have to make some tough decisions on what to see and what to skip.  Not that 8 months is really long enough to see all of South America…but its better than the 1 or 2 it usually gets alloted on RTW trips. 

Besides, maybe I can do the rest of the world next year…

Rough Itinerary

29 Oct

ok, here it is…

Chile, Dec 8

Mendoza (hop to Argentina, wine country)
Futaleufu (white water rafting)


Puerto Montt
Bariloche (lake’s largest city)
  maybe el Bolson (hippe town nearby)
Los Antiguos (January 1st)
El Chalten (lots of hiking)
El Calfate
Parque Nacional Los Glaciares
Rio Gallegos
Ushuaia (lowest point of SA)
  Gaiman Day Trip to Welsh Teahouse
  Penguin Colony
Puerto Madryn
Buenos Aires (2 weeks) (February 1st)

Foz do Iguacu
Salvador (Carnival Feb 19th)
Rio de Janeiro (March)
Sao Paulo
Campo Grande (border town on the way to pantanal and Bolivia)

Santa Cruz
Salar de Uyuni
Tupiz (April)
La Paz
Rurrenbaque (Amazon Jungle Trip)
Lake Titcaca

Peru (May)

Equador (June)
Cuenca (small town with good day trips to ruins)
Playas (if i want a party beach town)
Montarita (if i want to surf)
Puerto Lopez
Quilotoa Loop (3 days of a really cool hike if I want to hike)

Columbia (July)
San Agustin (important ruins)
Manizales (coffee region)
Santa Marta (cheap diving from taganga)

Home! (July 28th)


28 Oct

why am i going?

i’m not really sure.

but it’s a question i hope to return to during this trip 🙂